ChatGPT Prompt Cheat Sheet
10 January

ChatGPT Prompt Cheat Sheet with Examples

ChatGPT Prompt Cheat Sheet with Examples Basic Interaction Prompts General Questions Prompt: "What is the theory of relativity?" Example Response: Explanation of Einstein's theory of relativity. Advice and Suggestions Prompt: …
22 September

Microsoft 365 Copilot: Your Everyday AI Companion

  https://scp.ac.cy/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/y2mate.is-Introducing-Copilot-in-Windows-11-new-AI-tools-and-more-5rEZGSFgZVY-1080pp-1695359008.mp4 Vid Source Have you ever wished you had a smart assistant that could help you with your work tasks, such as writing documents, creating presentations, sending emails, or …